This is Daniel Sage. He makes psych/grunge/ space pop music.

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Hi, I'm Daniel Sage. I have been a singer/songwriter for 15 years, and I am dedicated to helping people.

I have released 3 solo albums to date and toured all over Europe, South Africa, and North America

When I'm not playing a show, or teaching yoga and meditation --- You can find me backpacking in the wilderness, road tripping to a music festival or playing table tennis (I'm the 2010 NY state junior open champion.)  

Want to Chat? Reach out to me on Instagram @danielsagemusic

 Daniel Sage has been featured in:

“The most creative stuff I've ever heard. The music moves me in fits and starts...pushes me against the wall (rather brutally at times) and then licks me like a good cat should.”

John Hampton (Grammy Award Winning Producer, White Stripes, Jimmy Vaughn)

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