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Daniel Sage is a singer songwriter, meditation and yoga teacher, entrepreneur and alternative education expert from Winston-Salem, NC.  

He has written over 500 original songs and puts on a soulful yet experimental show, using loops, poetry and storytelling.  

He is the founder of Song Spark, an online course dedicated to showing musicians how to cultivate the optimal environment for writing amazing songs.  

As a certified meditation teacher and unschooled autodidact (Self-Directed Learner), he blends ancient yogic practices with modern narratives, aiming directly at the heart of his listeners.  

Sage has released 3 solo albums to date and toured all over Europe, South Africa, and North America. Noted for his grungy and dense vocal timbre, use of guitar anti-solo’s, reverse looping, and silence during his unique songs and performances, Sage has been able to carve a niche for himself in the independent music community.  

To demonstrate how easy it is to write a song, he sometimes wanders the city asking strangers if they would like to write a song with him. The results can be found on his Youtube channel.  

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14 years of becoming and being a songwriter lead to this small ass book. Go figure. Get my tips, tricks, and opinion on the best habits for success as a Songwriter.


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Hi, I'm Daniel Sage. I'm from Winston-Salem, NC and I have been a singer/songwriter for 15 years. 

Right now I am dedicated to showing musicians how to cultivate the optimal environment for writing amazing songs and becoming their best versions. If you would like to:

  • Be able to write a catchy, interesting original song.
  • Be able to perform an original song in front of a live audience with little or no anxiety.
  • Be able to sell another artist a complete song that you wrote.
  • Find and define your signature “sound”.
  • Tell part of the story of your life through a sequence of original songs.
  • Be able to tap into “the creative zone” on command.
  • Feel confident in collaborating with other musicians and starting new projects. 
  • Establish the right habits that enable the optimal environment for songwriting.

Then you are in the right place

I have released 3 solo albums to date and toured all over Europe, South Africa, and North America

When I'm not filming a youtube video, or teaching yoga while simultaneously laying down some guitar --- You can find me backpacking in the wilderness, road tripping to a music festival or playing table tennis (I'm the 2010 NY state junior open champion.)  

Want to Chat? Reach out to me on Instagram @danielsagemusic

 Daniel Sage has been featured in:

“The most creative stuff I've ever heard. The music moves me in fits and starts...pushes me against the wall (rather brutally at times) and then licks me like a good cat should.”

John Hampton (Grammy Award Winning Producer, White Stripes, Jimmy Vaughn)

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Daniel Sage

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