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It seems like we are all headed into a new dimension and continue on a vibrational path to higher consciousness. My journey has been very fast and bumpy. Growing up in the Triad I was released from Paisley Magnet Middle School at 13 and became an unschooler (A niche of homeschooling). This is the big bang moment in my life, this how I discovered music, which in turn saved me from normalcy. I had no idea that I was actually un-programming myself from having been in a perpetual authoritarian environment since I began having memories. This autodidactic lifestyle has continued to serve me in every facet of my life, and allowed me the space to feel into my “authentic self” as opposed to my “culturally prescribed” self. I left the Triad at 17 and have been traveling the world the past 10 years, touring, recording four albums, just seeing what’s out there. I spent two amazing months in South Africa in 2018 where I connected with my soul family, got stranded on a backpacking trip, then rescued by an amazing vegan that claimed to have been abducted by aliens and had photos to prove it. I surfed and swam with sharks in a strange ocean, and extended the barriers of how I define the human experience. Recently I returned to the Triad because I realized that a more grounded life was being called for, and to focus more on the inward journey, developing a regular yoga, self love, and meditation practice which has kick started my evolution as an artist. I arrived right around the time Wildlight Wellness Collective opened downtown, so you can find me evolving there most days.

For now though, here is my most recent performance.

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