• Daniel Sage is a musician, certified meditation teacher, and autodidact.
  • Born, raised and currently living in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina.
  • Dropped out from the public school system at 13, Daniel began a musical journey that same year as an “Unschooler”.
  • Sage has used his heightened emotional sensitivity to craft songs that speak to our authentic shared spirit, releasing 3 solo albums to date and touring internationally.

Achieving major label interest as a teenager, his path was altered due to industry changes before the ink could dry, and has since gone the independent route. Realizing the days of drugs, sex, and rock’n’roll were on the way out, Sage has recently followed the path of the yogi, becoming certified as a meditation teacher, enrolling in yoga teacher training, and advocating a plant based diet.

Noted for his distinct vocal timbre, use of “anti-solo’s”, looping, and silence during his unique songs and performances, Sage has been able to carve a small niche for himself.

As a rising star on Youtube, Sage has plans to launch an online course called “Song Spark” focused on helping musicians finish incomplete songs, overcome writers block,  increase personal mojo levels.

“The most creative stuff I’ve ever heard. The music moves me in fits and starts…pushes me against the wall (rather brutally at times) and then licks me like a good cat should.” 

-John Hampton (White Stripes, Replacements, Jimmy Vaughn, The Cramps)