Triad LP


^^^^Announcing New NC Shows^^^^

February 1st @ Wildlight  6pm (Winston Salem NC)

February 15th @ Kraken (Chapel Hill NC)

Just a reminder that my latest album can be streamed on youtube fo free yo.

*New* ANGELS IN THE SNOW (Crooning after yoga) *Live* *Premiere*


I’m really enjoying being back home in Winston-Salem, NC. This is so peculiar. For the longest time I hated my roots like a lingering teenager. Got rid of anything southern left in my accent. But brains change. For whatever reason chemicals shift and opinions change with them. Democrats become republicans and vice versa, shifting perspectives like an acid trip. Then a foot of snow falls and you feel like curling into a ball and beginning a long hibernation. Except as most spiritual divers know, it’s hard to go back to sleep once you wake up. Enjoy this old tune, “Angels in the Snow”.



I was 25 miles outside of Eugene barreling down i-5, and I called Blake Boxer. HALLO? she saiez. wunna do a vid? and sure nuff, we did. did it good . did er justice. got on me truck and flung about the hood real raunch like. who could stop us? we was barreling down with a full load….

T-minus 3 days till impact

Hello from Leipzig Germany,

What a beautifully expressive city you have, EU citizens. I have embarked on yet another exploratory mission into European territory to expose parts of my self never before experienced by the general public. Darn that sounded wrong. Let me try again. I’m here to have fun and play with my role as a performer, adventurer, and philosopher. I’ll be releasing my third album, Triad, on all the usual places this Friday, the 13th, of July.  AS WELL AS a new music video, ASTROTURF!!! Hope you are enjoying your summer, and this provides a new soundtrack to your fun filled travels.

South African Tour was a Success!

Thank you again to all of the people that made my 2 month tour of South Africa possible, fruitful, and enjoyable. Here is a little video to show my thanks:

I’ll be posting a recap of my adventures very soon.